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The root, grounded up with vinegar, cures erysipelas, (1) it is good with either honey or oil for strokes (bites) of reptiles, with water it disperses scrofulous growths and tumors, and with barley groats it puts and end to pains in the joints .
Scrofulous and sclerotic though it is, the Church cannot decay into final decrepitude and death.
This is exemplified most poignantly by his recollection of some impoverished deaf, scrofulous and intellectually simple twin girls, who died of scarlatina: "The mother it was .
However, the sight of the scrofulous Usher himself produces a reaction in the narrator almost identical to that produced by Usher's art: "the now ghastly pallor of the skin, and the now miraculous luster of the eye, above all startled me and even awed me" (234).
It describes the vicissitudes of the poor, scrofulous farmer Jon Hreggvidsson.
The press debate about Sand had been initiated in 1836 when a lengthy essay in The Quarterly Review attacked scrofulous French novels and the decadent state of French morals.
10-1 in a field of 40, don't forget) paid a scrofulous pounds 184.
Cook is a scrofulous little wretch with the brainpower of a chamber pot.
In my opinion, we are not unlike those confused, scrofulous hippies of the late 1960s who finally showed up at the doors of the free clinics in Haight-Ashbury to get their dose of traditional medicine.
And ``The scrofulous varmint is broke the laws and he's gotta pay fer it.