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A clinical trial term for:
(1) A software programming sequence which is run by another program; or
(2) A boilerplate of written information or instructions to be read to a subject or patient in a clinical trial.


Psychology noun A part of communication with a Pt that recognizes that different phrases may have the same meaning, but the order, choice of the words or the manner in which they are said can either stimulate or inhibit communication


n the set of instructions or suggestions communicated to a patient during hypnosis to direct the process and bring about the desired outcomes. See also hypnosis.

Patient discussion about script

Q. I ask a client's Dr. to script flexaril for a lower back spasm and he made it for a drug called zanaflex? I am unfamiliar with zanaflex, what is the difference between it and flexaril 25mg? Benefits? Risks? I got him to order the air mattress and extended bed because client is 6'3" and is already bedridden on my 1st day..try to beat the skin breakdown, already stage I decubitis ulcers. I tried to talk the client into slideboard and lift away arm wheelchair...noway..he wants to walk bent with a rolling walker. He already had a lift chair delivered, so he just goes from bed to lift chair. He refuses to let me bathe him. He can't see, and he has me check his draw up on insulin to make sure it's right. He sends the P.T. man right back out the door after he signs the sheet. Difficult pt.!

A. Flexeril and Zanaflex are different drugs but are both muscle relaxants. There are hardly any differences between the two, clinically wise. If the doctor thought one is better than the other for your client I would suggest you take his advice and use the one he gave you.

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