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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Graduate education A popular term for the ‘mad rush’ to secure a residency slot by US medical students who didn’t get one through the Match

(the) 'scramble'

Graduate education A popular term for the 'mad rush' to secure a residency slot by US medical students who did not obtain a position through the Match. See Match.
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In a very few moments it was necessary for Elaine to scramble to her feet, pick up her cloth of gold coverlet and pall of blackest samite and gaze blankly at a big crack in the bottom of her barge through which the water was literally pouring.
Here Alice wound two or three turns of the worsted round the kitten's neck, just to see how it would look: this led to a scramble, in which the ball rolled down upon the floor, and yards and yards of it got unwound again.
Flying-fish are beginning to be seen, and during the night the watch above scrambles over the deck in pursuit of those that fall aboard.
FOR most sporting events, the mud can cause problems, but for a Santa Scramble it's essential.
EZ Scramble allows users to make light, fluffy, delicious scrambled eggs in the microwave in under a minute per egg.
com)-- Sign-up is currently underway for the 2014 GAM Scramble State Championship Local Qualifier, an event taking place on Sunday, July 20 at Bucks Run Golf Club.
The incident came only days after Russian bombers briefly intruded into the Japanese airspace Thursday, prompting Tokyo to scramble fighter jets.
And they sent several letters and e-mails to the Cottage Grove Riding Club, asking the organization to end the animal scramble at the rodeo, which this year will take place Friday and next Saturday, July 13.
HUDDERSFIELD Motor Club held their second motorcycle scramble on the 'Old Course' at Bradley Plains and it turned out to be a big day for local racer Frank Bentham.
The company stressed that there were no problems with the broadcast of any of the Libyan channels on Nilesat, except for one which has the same frequency as the Egyptian satellite channel, adding that there is no way the company would intentionally scramble the Egyptian state-run channel.
of Witwatersrand, South Africa) and Melber (executive director, Dag Hammraskjold Foundation, Sweden), provide varying answers to that question as they examine such issues as the neoliberalization of African economies, US-Chinese rivalries over African resources and markets, India's motivations for engaging with Africa, the role of South Africa, the militarization of resource politics in Africa, connections between oil and war in Chad, comparison of the activities of transnational mining companies in the 19th and 21st centuries in the Central African copper belt, the scramble for genetic resources, the European Union and the international scramble for African fish, the marginalization of African capitalism, and public contracts and foreign business bribery in Uganda.