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scours(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Diarrhea in livestock.

scour′er n.

scour, scours

1. the chemical and physical cleaning of fleece wool.
2. diarrhea.

dietetic scour
see dietary diarrhea.
peat scour
see secondary nutritional copper deficiency.
scour weed
scour worm
includes the genera Trichostrongylus, Ostertagia, Cooperia and Nematodirus spp.
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Over the past decades many researchers studying the local scour ([d.
Observing the 50 years scour condition, the river regime of pipe crossing region is stable; a deep groove (-15m) in the north bank varies a lot over the years, and the south bank keeps slightly stagnant.
7] studied the temporal evolution of clear-water pier and abutment scour and found that the principal parameter influencing the scour process is the densimetric particle Froude number so suggested an logarithmic formula.
DSI DWYI Dust rock dust technology disperses and scours when dry.
Incorporating risk-based, data-driven ideas from the scour program aligns the course with important concepts recently enacted within MAP-21 that we hope will allow safer, more cost effective and focused designs and analyses.
Calf Scours or Neonatal diarrhoea, is defined as a multi-factorial disease complex characterised by increased frequency, fluidity or volume of faecal excretion in calves caused by excessive osmotic pressure in the intestine, intestinal damage caused by several organisms leading to malabsorption, toxins produced by organisms or excessive contractions of the intestine (Lorenz, 2006).
Coccidiosis is my main concern in young stock, with some animals a bit of scours and it's over, with others it's an on-going problem.
In addition to scour protection measures, the center pier was cleaned, re-chinked and repointed.
This volume presents the proceedings of ICSE-5, the Fifth International Conference on Scour and Erosion, held November 2010 in San Francisco, California.
With Greece's economy in desperate trouble, some Greeks are being forced to scour rubbish bins to find items to sell in the weekly market, which is run by the Garbage Collectors Association.
Officers used a boat to scour the river between Chester-le-Street, County Durham and Sunderland.