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(skō-tōp'ik, -top'ik),
Referring to low illumination to which the eye is dark adapted. See: scotopic vision.


Referring to low illumination to which the eye is dark adapted.
See also: scotopic vision


(skō-tō′pē-ă) [″ + ops, eye]
Adjustment of the eye for vision in dim light; the opposite of photopia.
scotopic (-tŏp′ĭk), adjective
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Energy efficiency consequences of scotopic sensitivity.
First, several researchers have noted the absence of objective scientific evidence that Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome actually exists (Blaskey et al.
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clathratus are known to also be active at night, and their scotopic visual pigments are well adapted to low-light conditions (Hobson et al.
found no differences on measures such as scotopic retinal thresholds, mesopic contrast sensitivity, and visual acuity.
Although it might not be feasible in primary care practice, electroretinography could be done to demonstrate a flat scotopic response and a diminished and delayed photopic response.
Different response functions are used as standards for the spectral luminous efficiency for lesser illuminations, which are called mesopic vision for intermediate levels of illumination and scotopic vision for very low levels of illumination.
Bill, from Glenrothes, is dyslexic and also has Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, which means his eyes are sensitive to light and he can only read pink ink on yellow paper.
The controversial system is purported to correct a form of dyslexia called scotopic sensitivity syndrome -- a vaguely defined syndrome that some visual specialists contend does not exist.
Made of a hydrophobic acrylic material that blocks UV light, the TECNIS([R]) 1-Piece IOL transmits the healthy blue light needed for improved scotopic (dim light) vision and healthy circadian rhythms.
1) The functions of the peripheral retina are many and primarily include dim light/ scotopic vision, slow moving object perception, black and white vision, and peripheral visual field extent.