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Histamine H(3)-receptor antagonism improves memory retention and reverses the cognitive deficit induced by scopolamine in a two-trial place recognition task.
In order to limit saliva production, a scopolamine transdermal release system was applied to the hairless skin overlying the parotid region.
Neither Ninjin-yoei-to nor scopolamine had any significant effect on the paw-licking latency.
The availability of scopolamine gel is limited because it must be prepared in a pharmacy that has trained compounding specialists Broidy remarked.
SANTIAGO, CHILE -- Treatment with scopolamine hydrobromide blocks muscarinic cholinergic receptors and produces a rapid, robust antidepressant response in depressed patients with unipolar or bipolar depression, Maura L.
Then for scopolamine, when they charged people like Dick Mandella and Willard Proctor-and now this.
Visitors sometimes are slipped the disorienting drug scopolamine in drinks, cigarettes, gum and even on powder-laced paper.
They have been used since the early 1980's to administer such drugs as scopolamine ,effective against motion sickness, nicotine, for cigarette withdrawal, and nitro- glycerin for angina .
The three most common medications that are used are scopolamine (scoh-POH-lah-meen), glycopyrrolate (glye-coh-PIE-roh-late) and atropine sulfate (EH-troh-peen suhl-fate).
Robinul, Donnatal, Levsin, atropine, scopolamine, Pamine, Quarzan, Tral, Darbid, Cantil, Bathine, Pro-Banthine, Pathilon, Bentyl, Daricon, Ditropan, various combination products
So does scopolamine, the stuff that keeps you from getting sick on those long rides in the car.
The anti-diarrhea product Donnagel cannot contain atropine sulfate, hyoscyamine sulfate, or scopolamine hydrobromide.