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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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We are seeing an increase in scooters, as they are currently extremely popular and cool.
You can travel a lot farther than you think, even on a smallish scooter - I've spotted British scooter enthusiasts as far afield as the south of France with luggage strapped to racks - although anything under 125cc and you can't hit the motorways.
The huge growth in the scooter segment is being fuelled by several socio- economic factors, including the rising number of working women," Anil Dua, senior VP ( marketing), Hero Honda, said.
Director-general Bernard Garner said: "If a scooter fell on to the Metro line and was hit by a train, then not only would its user probably be killed or seriously hurt but so would perhaps dozens of people on the train if it was derailed.
Because of prevailing economic conditions, the inexpensive product soon caught on, and with the help of celebrities like Heston and Fonda, Vespa became the top-end scooter.
However, members are welcome and encouraged to bring their own scooter to the National Convention.
2 -- color) Palmdale sheriff's deputies test the T3Motion electric scooter at the Antelope Valley Mall on Friday.
There's almost an underground scooter world," Pierce says.
The scooter is equipped with conventional front and rear mechanical brakes but regenerative braking is used as its primary stopping medium.
and the supply of vintage scooters nearly exhausted, Sportique today sells primarily new models, carrying more brands--nine--than any other scooter dealer in the country.
Many children may not be prepared developmentally to handle the multitask challenges they may experience while riding a scooter.
If you are just leaving your house or walking around a corner, you don't expect a scooter to come zipping out of nowhere.