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Marked by, or resembling, scleroderma.


1. Of, relating to, or affected by scleroderma.
2. Zoology Having an outer covering of hard plates or bony scales.


(skler?a-der'ma) [Gr. skleros, hard, + derma, skin]
A chronic manifestation of progressive systemic sclerosis in which the skin is taut, firm, and edematous, limiting movement. sclerosis, progressive systemic; sclerodermatous, adjective

circumscribed scleroderma

Localized patches of linear sclerosis of the skin. There is no systemic involvement, and the course of the disease is usually benign.

scleroderma neonatorum

Sclerema neonatorum.
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Nevertheless, few data are available regarding the late sclerodermatous phase of cGVHD.
We reviewed the clinical characteristics after the appearance of sclerodermatous cGVHD.
The development of sclerodermatous GVHD was observed in 22 (5.
Immunosuppressive therapy was interrupted in 16 (72%) patients before sclerodermatous lesions had developed.
Partial response was achieved in five patients with extensive sclerodermatous GVHD.