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The cut and dried fleshy inner scales of the bulb of the white variety of Urginea maritima (Mediterranean squill), or of U. indica (Indian squill) (family Liliaceae); the central portion of the bulb is excluded during its processing; squill contains cardiac glycosides (scillaren-A and scillaren-B) and scillaricide, a rodenticide.
Synonym(s): scilla
[L. squilla or scilla]


n See squill.


African plant genus in the family Liliaceae; includes S. maritima (Urginea maritima, source of commercial red, white squills), S. natalensis, S. nonscripta (bluebell), S. rigidifolia; contains bufadienolide cardiac glycoside.
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Muscari (grape hyacinth), Narcissus (daffodil and jonquil), Scilla (bluebell) will all provide early food for the bees.
The municipal authorities affected by the motorway section are: Scilla, Villa San Giovanni, Campo Calabro and Reggio Calabria.
Scilla siberica | Chionodoxa sardensis sar | Muscari Valerie Finnis | Spring border in the brick garden at Glebe Cottage
They also help bridge the gap between the first splashes of colour provided mainly by other bulbs - narcissi, scilla and their ilk - and early performing perennials, euphorbias, aquilegias, iris and doronicum.
Blodyn sy'n perthyn i deulu'r lili ydi hwn - Scilla verna ydi'r enw Lladin arno - 'spring squill' yn Saesneg.
Thus, we can expect that it is the minor bulbs such as Scilla, Chionodoxa and Muscari that are the more reliable naturalizers.
Freesias, ranunculus and certain daffodils, as well as anemones, scilla, sparaxis and watsonia, do not require winter chilling and tend to bloom earlier than Dutch tulips, hyacinths and other cold-weather dependent bulbs.
Anemones, muscari, scilla and narcissus all do well in woodlands and will happily naturalise.