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The major healthcare concern for persons with SCI in rural areas is access to high quality, least restrictive care.
Richards, Brown, Hagglund, Bua and Reeder (1988) administered a comprehensive neuropsychologic test battery to 150 persons with SCI shortly after they were injured.
SCI is the largest publicly held owner and operator of industrial properties in the United States.
In this article, recent literature on several aspects of community integration of individuals with SCI will be discussed, adhering to the four-part concept of community integration defined above: where one lives, vocational/ economic roles, engagement in social networks, and involvement in activities in the home and com-munity.
El Ghatit & Hanson (1978) based their study upon postal questionnaires sent to all persons who had attended a SCI facility in California.
Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has licensed the rights for selected intellectual properties to SCi.
We found ourselves with "units" caring for SCI patients when what we wanted was a seamless continuum of care.
With 1,431 funeral homes, 213 cemeteries and 99 crematories on September 30, 1994, SCI affiliates currently provide funeral and cemetery services in over 1,000 cities spanning 40 states, the District of Columbia, four Canadian provinces, five Australian states and the United Kingdom.
The combination of marquee talent, exotic shooting locations, high production values and powerful storylines will enable RHI Entertainment and SCI FI Channel to deliver large-scale productions with cinema-release quality.
With the addition of Plantsbrook, SCI will have acquired $220 million of annualized revenues since the beginning of 1994.