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A set of beliefs, teachings, methods, etc.
[O. E. scōl]


a group of fish or marine mammals that remain together in a coordinated fashion.


n the practice of therapeutic practitioners developing and passing on their specific theoretical tenets and techniques.


to train a horse in dressage or Greyhounds to perform on the racetrack. See also riding school.

Patient discussion about school

Q. What is the best school for nurses in California?

A. i found a site that rank nursing schools in the U.S. , looks reliable, check it out:

Q. How can I get my son into a normal school? He was diagnosed as autistic but he is intelligent and is able to go through normal education. But I don’t want him to be socially disconnected…

A. If done in a proper way it can be an excellent idea! Your son will flourish and will develop as best as he can. But if just moving him to a regular school without any preparation to him, class and teacher- that can end up very bad. So talk to the teacher the headmaster and councilor explain and work up a plan. Then it must be explained to the class. and don’t forget your son…he needs to understand that he might get unpleasant reactions sometimes.

Q. I don’t know how to make him responsive at least when it comes to studies in school or at home? My child is diagnosed with ADHD. He was very inattentive in his class and we do get regular complaints from the school. At home he watches cartoons that he loves and refuses to have his dinner even. He cannot sit for more than ten minutes to complete his home work. Even very minor sound distracts him from doing his homework. He has trouble paying attention to the activities he does not like. I don’t know how to make him responsive at least when it comes to studies in school or at home.

A. it takes alot of time and patience and loving. without them none of itwill never work. both from teachers and parents and friends and family.

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One of the schoolgirls thrown into the water during the crash said Jones was begged to go faster by her young passengers.
The final scene, in which Mother Superior (superbly played by Rosalind Russell) explains the idea of religious vocation, is a beautiful portrayal of what it takes to answer such a call, but it also repudiates that mean nun/hapless schoolgirl dichotomy that has become a standard formula for pitting powerful women against innocent youth.
Lindsay and Sharon Brown, sisters of murdered schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton, make a statement following the verdict on Peter Tobin (inset)
Edgecombe was traced by police after the schoolgirl told them how she had spent the night.
The schoolgirl water pistol prank might have resulted in a serious accident, he added.
Lingerie shops across the country are running out of red underwear as schoolgirls snap up bras and knickers in the hope of getting top grades in their exams.
Beloved producer-for-hire and documentary filmmaker Yvonne Welbon (Living With Pride: Ruth Ellis @ 100) may have been named one of Variety's "50 Creatives to Watch" back in 1999, but it's really in the past year that she feels she is surfacing artistically, participating in the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women in preparation to direct her debut feature about a black lesbian Catholic schoolgirl, Stephanie Coleman.
Carolee Hickman, 64, is accused of preying on the Bridgend schoolgirl, convincing her she was a witch in a powerful coven linked to devil worship.
Shocking footage aired by state broadcaster Chongqing Broadcasting Group shows the schoolgirl, said to be aged between 10 and 12, slamming and kicking the 18-month-old baby inside an elevator in Chongqing, central China.
THE fatal stabbing comes six months after schoolgirl Christina Edkins was killed by a single knife wound while on a bus in Birmingham.
SCHOOLGIRL Mackenzie Furniss was celebrating yesterday after the Scottish Government stepped in to fund her cancer treatment.
Heroin addict David Edgerton, 22, admitted abducting and raping a schoolgirl at Leeswood near Mold in August of last year.