school refusal

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An anxiety disorder affecting school children who, for various reasons, avoid attending school; 1 in 4 children may occasionally refuse to attend school. Such behaviour becomes a routine problem in about 2% of children
Aetiology Separation anxiety, social anxiety, or depression, which may be accompanied by undiagnosed learning disabilities or reading disorders

school refusal

Psychiatry An anxiety disorder affecting schoolchildren who, for various reasons, avoid attending school. See Psychogenic seizure.

school phobia

, school refusal
A child's avoidance of school, often through the simulation of physical ailments. It is considered to be a form of separation anxiety rather than truancy.
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Her mother reported that she observed her daughter as smiling more, crying less, and speaking more positively than prior to the onset of the school refusal.
The focus of therapy shifted as migraine reports and school refusal were still not occurring at 6 months.
Northwest Community's school refusal program -- based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and the only one of its kind in the nation -- provides assessment, treatment and medication management by a board-certified adolescent psychiatrist.
School refusal behavior refers to a child-motivated refusal to attend school and/or difficulty remaining in classes for an entire day.
Keywords: School refusal behavior; truancy; school phobia.
It's important that we be aware of the relationship between family environment and school refusal behavior," said Gillian Chapman, of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
School refusal can occur in response to family problems, particularly if there has been illness, grief or disruption within the family.
School refusal behavior is a difficult problem faced by many parents, educators, and mental health professionals.
This paper describes the behavioral treatment of acute onset school refusal in a 5-year old girl with Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD).
ALTHOUGH a degree of anxiety and fear about school is normal for children, some experience excessive anxiety which can result in refusal to attend school, hence the term school refusal or school phobia.
Resources are grouped in 15 chapters on areas such as emotions, self-esteem, friendship, bullying, self-harm, school refusal, and Internet safety.

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