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(skiz'ō-fren'ik, -frē'nik, skit-sō-),
Relating to, characteristic of, or suffering from one of the schizophrenias.


1. Of, relating to, or affected with schizophrenia.
2. Of, relating to, or characterized by the coexistence of disparate or antagonistic elements: "I vacillated back and forth without once perceiving that my impulses were schizophrenic" (Shirley Abbott).
One who is affected with schizophrenia.

schiz′o·phren′i·cal·ly adv.


[skit′səfren′ik, skiz′ə-]
1 adj, pertaining to schizophrenia.
2 n, a person with schizophrenia.


Relating to, characteristic of, or suffering from one of the schizophrenias.

Patient discussion about schizophrenic

Q. how to treat schizophrenia?

A. Schizophrenia is a serious illness that should be treated with the help of a psychiatrist, because close monitoring over the medications and possible side effects is crucial. It is often treated with anti-psychotic medications, either from the older or newer generation of drugs. Some modifications are done in each patient after looking into all of the factors that take place.

Q. How can we treat a schizophrenic person? A member of my family is a schizophrenic and was diagnosed when he was 25 years old. Today at almost 60 he refuse to be treated and certain that nothing is wrong with him. The problem is me and my family feels that his illness is getting worst and we can't help him. How can we get treatment for him and if not what is the next phase we should expect to encounter?

A. although the cause for schizophrenia is not yet clear- there is a treatment for it's symptoms, and it's actually very helpful. have very good results. but it has to be accompanied by psychiatric care. you will have to convince him to go threw a therapy, talk to a good psychiatrist, ask him if he has any idea. or maybe someone here can answer that question. about what to look for, here is a very informative site about it-

Q. Am i going to get schizophrenia and what are the signs towards it? My mother is 50 years old and i knew she was bi polar and tonight i found out she has schizophrenia too from a nurse at the hospital she was sent to for going crazy out of no where tonight. I am very different from her and i am 17 years old. My dad side of the family has no disorders. How likely am i to develop schizophrenia? What are the first symptoms? Can i see signs now? and any other info.

A. Sweetheart you would not recognize a sign if it run over you. as the sickness encroaches upon your mind it also removes rational thought. you will say to your self I am not crazy there is nothing wrong with me. all the crazy Sob's around me are nuts I an not. And Honey you will believe your self. self diagnosis is a very dangerous path you are wanting to take.
Just be aware and talk to a certified psychiatrist – he’ll tell you any thing you want to know.

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BEIRUT: There is precious little of that stuff schizophrenically termed "contemporary classical" music being composed in Lebanon these days.
26) It should be noted, however, that the Fifth and Eleventh Circuits, which each put out more than 3,000 unpublished opinions per year, withhold those opinions from online distribution (or West's Federal Appendix), while schizophrenically allowing them to be cited.
The key point for Laclau is that Zizek's discourse, 'is schizophrenically split between a highly sophisticated Lacanian analysis and an insufficiently deconstructed traditional Marxism'.
The aim is to make consumers schizophrenically self-conscious in order to channel their desire for social success, recognition and similar immaterial needs toward a commoditised acceptance of 'civilization' (Ewen, 1969).
The attempt to fracture alterity in order to restore an absent origin in the present manifests itself as a uchronia, since it is unattainably and schizophrenically present.
Almost schizophrenically, the Post has made gestures indicating recognition of its spotty consumer coverage, but without seriously attempting to improve it.
The only thing I can do is schizophrenically ask myself some of the common questions then attempt to answer them.
As the concerto moved schizophrenically between slow and fast paces, Trpceski effortlessly tackled the piece's contrasting tumbling arpeggios and solid march-like passages, batting motifs back and forth between piano and soloists.
Viewers thus find themselves schizophrenically split between realities, but also, in a Jamesonian way, affectively unified within their own bodies--just like clinical schizophrenics.
The artist's striking seven-minute film, Viet-Flakes, 1965, offered a montage of horrific--though never explicit--images culled from the Vietnam War, stitched schizophrenically together into a kind of anxious cinematic fabric.
Tippett's highly contrasting Second and Fourth Sonatas, one concise and confrontational, the other discursive and conciliatory, were the cornerstones of an evening which also offered colourful and resonant Takemitsu (Crossley especially limpid and fluent here), crisp, wellbalanced Messiaen delivered at times with a deliciously fresh Romantic flexibility of tempo, and a crackling Henze novelty, the schizophrenically scurrying and mechanistically marching Scorribanda Pianistica, drawing from Crossley rip-roaring virtuosity.
Costello, quite schizophrenically, splits her own present narrative voice to quote herself (at length) giving an imagined account of her father's typical workday at the studio.