schizoaffective psychosis

schiz·o·af·fec·tive psy·cho·sis

psychotic disturbance in which the mixture of schizophrenic and manic-depressive symptoms is concurrent.

schiz·o·af·fec·tive psy·cho·sis

(skiz'ō-ă-fek'tiv sī-kō'sis)
Psychotic disturbance in which there is a mixture of schizophrenic and manic-depressive symptoms.

Patient discussion about schizoaffective psychosis

Q. Whats schizoaffective disease its a mental disease

A. Schitzoaffective is a mental disease that causes symptoms of schitzophrenia and symptoms of bi-polar. patients see things, hear voices, are moody,etc.Patients go into a high mania and a low mania.

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In this article, I will propose that there is a continuum between manic-depression (hereafter called bipolar) and schizophrenia, with an in-between syndrome called schizoaffective psychosis.