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a plot in rectangular coordinates of paired observations of two random variables, each observation plotted as one point on the graph; the scatter or clustering of points provides an indication of the strength of the relationship between the two variables.


Graphic display of distribution of two variables in relation to each other.
[scatter + G. gramma, something written]


Etymology: ME, scateren + Gk, gramma, record
a graph representing the distribution of two variables in a sample population. One variable is plotted on the vertical axis, the second on the horizontal axis. The scores or values of each sample unit are usually represented by dots. A scattergram demonstrates the degree or tendency with which the variables occur in association with each other.


a graph in which the values found in a statistical study are represented by disconnected, individual symbols.
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However, he presented his data through a scattergraph because, according to him, it gave him a different way of looking at the data.
Talking about the air temperature versus latitude scattergraph.
If you plotted a scattergraph of the size of pitches against the number of corners gained on them, you could more easily persuade yourself that there is no relationship between the two than that there is some.