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Figure 4c shows a scattergram of the open periods at station 0308A of Galveston Bay during our study.
Figures 5 and 6 present the simple scattergram from right and left hands kinematics according to the musical cadence, respectively.
This result is clearly evident in the residual drying stress V2 trial scattergram shown in Figure 4.
After selecting a starting year and clicking play, the static scattergram becomes animated as the sequential years of data play out the changes in the simple relationship over time.
This can be pictured as a two-dimensional scattergram of points whose center of mass should closely approximate the point ([[mu].
Show a scattergram of individual values or residuals
Comparing the positions on the scattergram of the values for primary and Grade 7 separately, however, shows a degree of consistent change.
Graph 1 plots the level of inflows and outflows on a scattergram.
Presenting circularity versus CE diameter as a scattergram allows the identification of two regions of interest.
In the simplest case a screen shot can be made of a still frame showing the collected trace, and this visual scattergram can be imported as the background for a Geometer's Sketchpad, Cabri II Plus or Geogebra file over which geometric constructions can be made, or coordinate axes superimposed and graphs drawn [3].
Each image is saved in full color with its corresponding data set in a spreadsheet format or patented interactive scattergram for in-depth review, analysis and collaborative review by email.
Developed for analyzing polytetrafluorethylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and other virgin and reprocessed materials, the FlowCAM saves each particle image with its corresponding data set in a simple spreadsheet format and in the company's interactive scattergram format.