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a plot in rectangular coordinates of paired observations of two random variables, each observation plotted as one point on the graph; the scatter or clustering of points provides an indication of the strength of the relationship between the two variables.


Graphic display of distribution of two variables in relation to each other.
[scatter + G. gramma, something written]


Etymology: ME, scateren + Gk, gramma, record
a graph representing the distribution of two variables in a sample population. One variable is plotted on the vertical axis, the second on the horizontal axis. The scores or values of each sample unit are usually represented by dots. A scattergram demonstrates the degree or tendency with which the variables occur in association with each other.


a graph in which the values found in a statistical study are represented by disconnected, individual symbols.
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Figure 4c shows a scattergram of the open periods at station 0308A of Galveston Bay during our study.
Figures 5 and 6 present the simple scattergram from right and left hands kinematics according to the musical cadence, respectively.
Figure II-2-1-4 Scattergram of active DBDPE and DBDPO producers in China, 2009
After selecting a starting year and clicking play, the static scattergram becomes animated as the sequential years of data play out the changes in the simple relationship over time.
CE diameter scattergrams clearly illustrate the impact of sonification (see figure 3) showing a reduction in size of the larger particles, to the extent where only a very few remain.
Developed for analyzing polytetrafluorethylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and other virgin and reprocessed materials, the FlowCAM saves each particle image with its corresponding data set in a simple spreadsheet format and in the company's interactive scattergram format.
This information is collated and represented on a framework called the 'like-schools' grid, a scattergram that compares schools by their NESB, EMA and D&I funding statistics.
1995), a scattergram of exposure accumulated on personal dosimeters versus adduct levels showed a clear trend with only 21 subjects.
Fluid Imaging Technologies demonstrated the pattern recognition features incorporated into the interactive scattergram software used to process data acquired by their FlowCAM imaging particle analyzer and flow cytometer.
The red and green colour components (in the range of 0-255) of these pixels are plotted in a scattergram (FIGURE 11).
This distinction between transfer pricing practice and cluster analysis is depicted in Figure 1, which shows a scattergram, whose axis are defined by the inventory to sales and operating expense to sales ratios of various entities.