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sheep cell agglutination test

a laboratory test for infectious mononucleosis. When the antibody level of a person with this disease reaches a certain level, a sample of his blood will cause agglutination of sheep erythrocytes. If there is agglutination of these cells in concentrations up to 1:28, the findings are considered positive for infectious mononucleosis.


sheep cell agglutination test.


Excrement, especially of an animal; dung.
Abbreviation for:
Simvastatin And Enalapril Coronary Atherosclerosis Trial
Severe Combined Anaemia & Thrombocytopenia
Sheep Cell Agglutination Test
Sickle Cell Anaemia Test
Drug slang A regional street term for heroin
Performing arts medicine A style of singing with wordless vocables and nonsense syllables, improvised melodies and rhythms, creating the equivalent of an instrumental solo with the voice Example Ella Fitzgerald, ‘How High the Moon’
Sexology Vernacular term for coprophilia
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The rarity of scat (and tracks) on our study area suggests a low density of raccoons and corresponding low occurrence of B.
The simple frequency of occurrence indicates what proportion of scats contains any particular prey type.
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The molecular method is completely noninvasive, though removing all scats may confuse animals by removing territorial markers, which also signal reproductive status (Brown et al.
What makes SCATS adaptive system so popular is because corridors can be configured differently versus using traditional time-based signal controls.
We have received fantastic support for scat surveys in the past and hope people will again support this really important work, she said.
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The system is controlled from a Traffic Operations Center where SCATS manages overall traffic control and Ali-Scout's central computer collects data from the on-board units in Ali-Scout-equipped vehicles and operators monitoring traffic conditions.
The adaptive traffic control system known as SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System originally developed for Sydney Australia by the Roads and Transport Authority) operates in real-time to adjust signal timing in response to changes in traffic demand and provides immediate and historical traffic information for Cobb County traffic engineers.
We collected scats [greater than or equal to] 30 mm in diameter to minimize collection of scats of coyotes (Canis latrans) and other canids (i.