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A scant five miles north of their rude shelter, all unknown to them, and practically as remote as though separated by thousands of miles of impenetrable jungle, lay the snug little cabin of Tarzan of the Apes.
They drew a line to mark the division, and neither, lapping up what scant moisture fell during the night-hours, ever dreamed of trespassing across the line.
Then she recalled the thin, terribly thin figure of Petrov, with his long neck, in his brown coat, his scant, curly hair, his questioning blue eyes that were so terrible to Kitty at first, and his painful attempts to seem hearty and lively in her presence.
They have but to cross what was once the vineyard, belonging to what was once the Monastery, to come into the narrow back lane wherein stands the crazy wooden house of two low stories currently known as the Travellers' Twopenny:- a house all warped and distorted, like the morals of the travellers, with scant remains of a lattice-work porch over the door, and also of a rustic fence before its stamped-out garden; by reason of the travellers being so bound to the premises by a tender sentiment (or so fond of having a fire by the roadside in the course of the day), that they can never be persuaded or threatened into departure, without violently possessing themselves of some wooden forget-me-not, and bearing it off.
He toddled closer, and with a mighty exertion threw the rock, It fell a scant six feet beyond his hand.
Then the entertainment began as soon as might be; Mr Codlin having the responsibility of deciding on its length and of protracting or expediting the time for the hero's final triumph over the enemy of mankind, according as he judged that the after-crop of half-pence would be plentiful or scant.
Scant Regard will |take to the stage at The Green Room in Stockton tonight.
On the latest ranking list of the Open Budget Initiative 2012, Macedonia has been placed in the penultimate group of countries providing scant budget execution information.
Summary: India's crucial monsoon rains are still expected to be average in 2012, the weather office said on Friday, despite scant rainfall in the first three weeks which had raised concerns over farm output in the major producer and consumer of food stuffs.
It is my personal view that the Government has shown scant regard for women's rights and my resignation is a personal protest against this indifference.
Colin Moses, National Chairman of the Prison Officers' Association, met Durham City's Labour MP Roberta Blackman-Woods two months after he criticised her for "showing scant regard for the POA".
Yes, we know we did well to get there, and in time that may mean something, but at the moment it is scant consolation.