scanning electron microscopy

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scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

the technique using a scanning electron microscope on a specimen. See also scanning electron microscope.
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Manuel Romero of NREL will present recent advances in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) that can be applied to state-of-the-art materials in the solar field, and Dr.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance Scanning Electron Microscopy and Afm System and Personnel Training
The electrons emitted by the projector pack far less power than those used in transmission or scanning electron microscopy, two common imaging methods involving electrons.
Infineon also benefits from the integration of PDF Solutions' CVi to third party scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tools, enabling detection and fast localization of non-visual defects that are difficult to identify using standard inspection techniques.
Contract of carriage scanning electron microscopy with energy and transport rE[micro]ntgenspektroszkEp & gilder-szenezo device.
Donahue and his co-workers at the University of Wyoming in Laramie used scanning electron microscopy and fiber-optic light detectors to track light paths within leaves of the Rocky Mountain weed Thermopsis montana in sun and shade.
Moreover, even though the judge had earlier denied the defendants' motion to exclude Scanning Electron Microscopy as inappropriate evidence, he ruled that the results did not support the plaintiff's allegations.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) uses scanning electron microscopy, with results that should solve any questions regarding a particular rose's ancestry.
Building contracts are devices for finishing the samples for scanning electron microscopy beam of light ions, equipment for coating samples of conductive layers and a set of equipment for the preparation of samples for transmission electron microscopy by mechanical means.
Scanning electron microscopy of the samples revealed what the researchers think is soot -- small carbon particles made in irregular and fluffy shapes and sometimes formed in chain-like clusters.
Professor Everhart's research has concentrated on the generation and application of very-small-diameter electron beams, first to scanning electron microscopy and later to microfabrication.

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