epicranius (muscle)

(redirected from scalp muscle)

ep·i·cra·ni·us (mus·cle)

compound facial (scalp) muscle composed of the epicranial aponeurosis and the muscles inserting into it, that is, the occipitofrontalis musculus and temporoparietalis musculus.
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Being very stressed or tired can trigger these headaches, which occur when the neck and scalp muscles contract.
Good scalp massages relaxes tensed scalp muscles as well as increases oxygen and blood circulation.
Being very stressed or having poor posture at work can trigger these headaches, which happen when neck, face and scalp muscles contract.
These methods are effective because the vast majority of headaches are caused by either tension in the neck and scalp muscles, or by migraine.
When you get stressed your neck and scalp muscles contract, sometimes causing pain.
THE commonest reason is a tension headache, due to cramp in neck and scalp muscles.