scalp infection

scalp in·fec·tion

an infection external to the galea; for example, folliculitis or cellulitis.
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There are many reasons which can be accounted for hair fall like poor diet, thyroid disorders, stress, birth control pills, cancer, genetic and hereditary factors, pregnancy, scalp infection, hair styling, etc.
These make the oil effective for any hair related problem one may be intrigued with, including dandruff, split hair, scalp infection, hair loss, rough hair etc.
Differential diagnosis includes localized scalp infection, congenital dermoid cyst, small meningocele, heterotopic brain or glial tissue.
One patient experienced a scalp infection that required removing the implants over the left hemisphere.
Other adverse events included headache; pain at the insertion site of the pulse generator, in the chest; and a scalp infection that responded to antibiotics.
Many arriving children carried a fungal scalp infection called tinea capitis, also known as ringworm.
I FEEL so embarrassed by a persistent fungal scalp infection, which makes it look as if I have a bad case of dandruff.
Wyler, in his series of 300 patients undergoing strip studies reports one abscess, which resulted in permanent contralateral hemiplegia, and two cases of minor scalp infection.
But both drugs are widely prescribed for the scalp infection, and accumulating evidence supports their use in the pulsed format, said Dr.
Ask your doctor's about a possible scalp infection as a cause.
Other than this, stress, vitamin deficiencies, imbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle and scalp infections etc.