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Gynecology A contraceptive vaginal gel that ↓ transmission of STDs–eg, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea. See Contraceptive.
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One effect of all this attention on cost control is that managers are becoming much savvier about how they spend their limited dollars earmarked for productivity improvement; they are less prone to invest in projects when the outcome is unclear.
Soon, however, the boys find that Simon is savvier than he first appeared, and they are in far deeper than they'd ever imagined.
But there are also signs that this generation of kids is savvier than Quart believes.
Savvier CEOs understand this, of course, and strive to foster the continuous development, protection and renewal of proprietary intellectual assets.
To benefit from these modest gains, companies have to be savvier than their competition, managing growth intelligently and systematically.
Wine companies are getting savvier about their role in guiding wine knowledge and service in restaurants integrating training in wine and food.
AFTER MORE THAN six years of mandatory food labeling, consumers are becoming savvier about high-fat foods on grocery shelves, says Alan D.
And a lot of institutions are getting savvier about how to solicit gay couples.
So far the new century has brought a possible chestnut revival, schoolkids whose hearts are as big as the world, and savvier travelers.
Led by GenXers, African Americans are getting savvier about their finances
A FEW MONTHS AGO, THERE SEEMED TO BE NO SAVVIER job--nor investment--than that of a Brazilian Internet service provider, or ISP.
As consumers are savvier today than ever before -- thanks in part to the Internet -- retailers need to establish themselves as a credible information source.