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Henry, English anatomist and gynecologist, 1810-1900. See: Savage perineal body.
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Though this sudden and startling movement of the Indian produced no sound from the other, in the surprise her veil also was allowed to open its folds, and betrayed an indescribable look of pity, admiration, and horror, as her dark eye followed the easy motions of the savage.
I did not confine my lodging to it, but often reposed in thick cane-brakes, to avoid the savages, who, I believe, often visited my camp, but fortunately for me, in my absence.
Among these broke Korak from the branches of a tree above them--swift, relentless, terrible, he hurled himself upon the savage warriors of Kovudoo.
Between Europeans and savages, it is proper for the Europeans to parry sharply, not to attack.
The approach of night put an end to the skirmishing fire of the adverse parties, and the savages drew off without renewing their hostilities.
The French, although they had gone through the ceremony of hoisting their colours for a few hours at all the principal places of the group, had not as yet visited the bay of Typee, anticipating a fierce resistance on the part of the savages there, which for the present at least they wished to avoid.
That is true," interjected Clayton, "yet we must not overlook the fact that except for himself the only human beings within hundreds of miles are savage cannibals.
The young Englishman's first intimation of danger was a chorus of savage yells from the forest behind him.
Swiftly and silently he glided through the forest in the wake of the savage cat, nor was the pursuer, for all his noble birth, one whit less savage than the wild, fierce thing he stalked.
The man shifted her now to give himself freer use of his right arm, for the savages were pressing more closely upon Twelve and Three, and the change made it impossible for the girl to see his face even in the more frequent moonlit places.
When the eyes of the black Manyuema savage fell upon the strange apparition that confronted him with menacing knife they went wide in horror.
The savages followed the ship, and just before dark we saw their fire, and again heard their wild cry.