sausage fingers

sau·sage fin·gers

the thick, short fingers of acromegaly; symmetric, diffusely swollen fingers; an early change in systemic sclerosis.
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It's not like she can complain of sausage fingers on her keyboard.
Big rings have the added bonus of making your digits appear slimmer, adding elegance to sausage fingers.
It's my sausage fingers," he lamented, when he had finally finished.
I was used to having a bloke with hairy nostrils ram his hairy, pork sausage fingers into my mouth.
The keys have a lower profile, but are well-spaced, so that even someone like me with sausage fingers found it relatively easy to type.
Her nimble little girl fingers were swifter and surer than large male sausage fingers.
He squeezed his sausage fingers into the gap and in the style of Samson heaved.
Stockmeyer Sausage Fingers, imported by Fiorucci (UK) and targetted at four to 11 year olds, are claimed to be the only snack sausage to have added vitamins.
Scott explained that the group of cyclists chose the name Team Sausage in tribute to Martin's nickname - Sausage fingers.
I thrust a tray of severed sausage fingers into his hands and said, "Go lay the table, you've traumatised the kids".