saturated color

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sat·u·rat·ed col·or

a color containing a minimum amount of whiteness.

sat·u·rat·ed color

(sach'ŭr-āt'ĕd kŏl'ŏr)
A color containing a minimum amount of whiteness.
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Saturated colors, iridescence and active color are key concepts for 2001.
Each piece offers a thick-bodied pile, chunky knots and saturated colors.
For example, warm colors and species are often "more appropriate" in Northern climates with cold weather, while tropical areas trend toward saturated colors.
Saturated colors throughout are especially statement-making in eveningwear and accessories.
The U by Kotex* black logo stands out against the saturated colors and is accompanied by a black bellyband that wraps around the package, creating a ribbon, gift-like effect.
Morocco was one of the more prominent themes throughout, as patterns were reminiscent of the tile, ironwork and textiles of the country, in rich, saturated colors.
The lead is fully water soluble, has a rich smooth feel in use, and contains high-quality pigments with bright saturated colors that resist fading.
They're available in six vibrant, saturated colors ideal for washes and are now available from Honeywell.
Right away, his stuff impacted me with saturated colors and psychedelic concepts.
Regarding blues, the trend will be towards more saturated colors, with turquoise and teal taking the number one spot.
The RGB array provides 16 million saturated colors.
Given the caressing, subtropical breezes, the soothingly warm waters and the bleeding, saturated colors of saltwater and sky, there may be few better places to wet a fly, twitch a line and unwind.