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25,26) These have included antibodies for imaging colorectal cancer (eg, satumomab pendetide, (27) arcitumomab (24)), prostate cancer (eg, capromab pendetide (28-30)) NHL, (31) liver cancer, (32) myocardial infarcts (imciromab penlefate (33-35)), infection and inflammation (eg, sulesomab, fanolesomab (36-38)), specific infections, (2) and clots, (39) to mention a few that are now available or in development.
Overview: Abciximab, Arcitumomab, Basiliximab, Capromab, Cotara, Daclizumab, Edrecolomab, Igovomab, Nofetumomab, Satumomab, Sulesomab, Tositumomab and Votumumab
announced today that the Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products (CPMP), the central regulatory body of the European Community, recommended approval of two amendments to OncoScint CR103 (known in the United States as OncoScint CR/OV - satumomab pendetide), a monoclonal antibody-based cancer imaging agent.