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n discharge of an obligation by actual payment of what is due or what is awarded by a court or other authority.

Patient discussion about satisfaction

Q. My friend who was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia is not satisfied with the result of the test. My friend who was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia is not satisfied with the result of the test. He doubts the same. He asked my help to find how is Fibromyalgia Diagnosed? So now I pass this question to you.

A. It is his right to doubt or believe but research shows that people with ‘fibromyalgia’ pertaining to see many doctors before receiving the diagnosis. One reason for this may be that pain & fatigue, the main symptoms of fibromyalgia, overlap with many other conditions. Therefore, doctors have to rule out other potential causes of these symptoms before making a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Another reason is that there are currently no diagnostic laboratory-tests for fibromyalgia; standard laboratory tests fail to reveal a physiologic reason for pain. There is no generally accepted objective test for fibromyalgia. Some doctors unfortunately may conclude a patient’s pain is not real or they may tell the patient there is little they can do.

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It had been his companion for twelve years, always standing on the same spot, always lending its handle to him in the early morning, so that its form had an expression for him of willing helpfulness, and the impress of its handle on his palm gave a satisfaction mingled with that of having the fresh clear water.
She showed him her ball book with demure satisfaction when he strolled instead of rushed up to claim her for the next, a glorious polka redowa.
Assessing the client satisfaction questionnaire in English and Spanish.
The concept, based on the method of "Gap Analysis" reported by Jackson,[2] was to measure provider satisfaction based on their expectations.
E-Retailers Still Tops and Online Brokerage Bullish on Satisfaction Says Index Co-Sponsor ForeSee Results
Learners' attitudes were related to their course satisfaction, and their attitudes significantly predicted course satisfaction.
Subsequently, CMS altered its culture change parameters to include resident and staff satisfaction and reduced CNA turnover.
Some retirees who have experienced a high level of satisfaction in their preretirement work continue working part-time for their preretirement employer or seek similar employment from a new employer.
When properly collected and analyzed, patient satisfaction data can offer huge rewards in both the clinical and business aspects of your practice.
Satisfaction atonement has been the predominant atonement image of the present time as well as for much of the past millennium.
We had some people from Harvard talk to us about the correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction," says James E.
Experts suggest that discussions continue regarding issues surrounding increased consumer involvement in service planning and how to more effectively use satisfaction research information in planning efforts (Bativia & DeJong, 1991; Fawcett, 1991; Kosciulek, Rosenthal, Vessell, Accardo & Mertz, 1997; Stubbins, 1984).