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satin finish,

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uk Even your waste bin can make a style statement when a natural wood interior contrasts with a mint green satin finish on the outside.
By adding a blown-out quartz print and a sleek satin finish, the Swedish design crew at Acne Studios has elevated the anorak to chic new heights.
The 430 SWL Flex includes solid glass rod fiber-optics and is designed with an attractive satin finish.
The model has more carbon fibre than the standard build, MSO-branded side blades, airbrake and rear diffuser, satin black covers and a satin finish to its carbon-fibre components, and fixed-back carbon-fibre racing seats finished in black leather.
The design features sleek temples in a satin finish with narrow elongated tips.
Also, the black satin finish eliminates the shine and flash you'd get with white or tan plastic antlers.
It has a tough, durable satin finish, specially designed for use on kitchen and bathroom cupboards.
As well as producing a satin finish, Preparation Spray (PS15.
Also new for 2013, the Model 94 Carbine features a 20-inch barrel, walnut stock with satin finish, authentic straight grip and blued steel carbine strap buttplate.
A wide variety of finishes and styles will be used, including partial sandblast, satin finish, partial satin finish, stipple finish, mirror polish and plating.
Designed to complement each other, both the rings have a line of dazzling diamonds in the middle and a satin finish on either side.
According to Kevin Focht of The Creative Orange: "When applied to SharedInk's matte papers, the aqueous satin finish adds a silky smooth appearance that I'm simply in love with.