satellite clinic

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1. an establishment where patients are admitted for special study and treatment by a group of health care professionals practicing together.
2. a clinical lecture; examination of patients before a class of students; instruction at the bedside.
satellite clinic a facility owned by a hospital but operated at a distant site.
walk-in clinic a facility that offers health care services without an appointment.

satellite clinic

Etymology: L, satelles, attendant; Gk, kline, bed
a health care facility usually operated under the auspices of a large institution but situated in a location some distance from the larger health center.
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One copy of the monthly visit form is left in the satellite laboratory, and one is left with the satellite clinic manager.
satellite clinic himself before receiving his transplant at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
Plans also included construction of a number of satellite clinics in different parts of the country.
Check up on our satellite clinics across the North to make sure they have all the stock they need and check their diaries, calling any new patients booked in to introduce myself and our brand.
He said that in order to provide specialized treatment / diagnostic facilities near to the workplace of labourers, the labour department has established satellite clinics.
The Polyclinic was a 24/hr/day facility, in addition to this there were two satellite clinics in Whistler Village.
Debbie Hinton, who manages hearing services at hospitals and satellite clinics in Worcestershire was nominated by staff in her 48-strong team.
The outreach provision will take place in satellite clinics within community centres, health centres, and when safe to do so, in the family home.
A Drug Task Force outreach service was established along with HSE satellite clinics and a special team now deals with Polish and Russian speakers.
Judith Stonebridge, strategic manager for sexual health services at Northumberland Care Trust, said the county's satellite clinics had been used by people from far afield.
The centre will include in-patient and out-patient services, satellite clinics, support to local community teams, education and training.
It has been recommended that three or four satellite clinics will close in the next year.

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