satellite cell

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satellite cell

1. Any of the cells that envelop the bodies of nerve cells within the peripheral nervous system.
2. A mononuclear undifferentiated cell that is found in skeletal muscle fibers and promotes their growth, repair, and regeneration.
A presumed histiocyte found near the basement membrane in association with myocytes in muscular dystrophy

satellite cell

small cell, a nucleus surrounded by minimal cytoplasm, lying outside but as close as possible to the membrane of a skeletal muscle fibre, and within the sarcolemma. When fibre enlargement (hypertrophy) or repair is required, satellite cells divide, one daughter becoming active in developing new muscle cytoplasm and the other being retained as a further-generation satellite cell.


1. in genetics, a knob of chromatin connected by a stalk to the short arm of certain chromosomes.
2. a minor, or attendant, lesion situated near a large one.
3. a vein that closely accompanies an artery.
4. exhibiting satellitism.

satellite cell
cells present in nervous and muscle tissue, whose numbers diminish with age, which are involved in repair when damage occurs. They are capable of migration, reorientation, can proliferate, form myoblasts and myotubes, and form long cytoplasmic tails that act as tethers when they migrate.
satellite DNA
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Myogenic satellite cells were first discovered in the frog (Mauro, 1961), followed by numerous distinct methods developed to isolate the muscle satellite cells from different species, e.
Skeletal muscle hypertrophy following resistance training is accompanied by a fiber type-specific increase in satellite cell content in elderly men.
2011) An absolute requirement for pax-7 positive satellite cells in acute injury-induced skeletal muscle regeneration.
MyoD is markedly more effective in activation and differentiation of satellite cells, while myogenin is an important factor for terminal differentiation and fusion myoblasts in mature muscle fiber, restoring normal muscle architecture [7].
Early-age heat exposure affects skeletal muscle satellite cell proliferation and differentiation in chicks.
As resistance training increases IGF-I secretion, it also promotes satellite cell proliferation and fusion and causes muscle hypertrophy.
Satellite cells accounts for 2-5% of muscle nuclei and reside juxtaposed to muscle fibers beneath the basal lamina (Campion, 1984; Mora, 1989).
suspects that some share of sarcopenia may also trace to problems involving satellite cells, the body's poorly understood muscle repair crews.
Therefore, increase in myogenic satellite cell proliferation and differentiation will increase the meat quantity, and increase in lipid accumulation will increase marbling.
During the event, Sprint's Emergency Response Team (ERT) provided one Satellite Cell on Light Truck (SatCOLT) and deployed its ERT personnel and local market ERT Reservists to facilitate wireless communications among the dozens of participating federal, state, and local relief agencies and military units.

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