sarcomatoid carcinoma

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spin·dle cell car·ci·no·ma

a carcinoma composed of elongated cells, frequently a poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma that may be difficult to distinguish from a sarcoma.

spindle cell carcinoma

A carcinoma—often squamous cell—which can occur on any epithelial surface (e.g., oral, anorectal, bladder, etc). The cells are spindled, simulate a sarcoma (but stain for cytokeratin), and usually are more aggressive than non-spindle cell carcinomas.

sarcomatoid carcinoma

An epithelial malignancy that can arise in any epithelial surface–eg, oral, anorectal, bladder, etc; the cells are spindled and simulate a sarcoma Diagnosis Keratin ID's by immunohistochemistry

sarcomatoid carcinoma

A carcinoma that contains both epithelial and mesenchymal components. This cancer may arise from cells in the kidney, urinary bladder, or lung.
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Durable complete remission of metastatic sarcomatoid carcinoma of the bladder with cisplatin and gemcitabine in an 80-year-old-man.
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the prostate: progression from adenocarcinoma associated with p53 over-expression.
Immunohistological differentiation between histological variants PAN-CYTOKERATIN ACTIN DESMIN Sarcomatoid carcinoma Positive Positive, rarely Leiomyosarcoma Rarely positive Positive, extensively Lipoid urothelial CK 7, CK 20 Positive Negative carcinoma Our case Positive Negative (Liposarcomatoid variant) P63, CK5/6 S-100 Sarcomatoid carcinoma Positive (up to 40%) Leiomyosarcoma Negative Lipoid urothelial Negative carcinoma Our case Negative Positive (Liposarcomatoid variant)
Surgery is suggested as the only recognized treatment for gallbladder sarcomatoid carcinoma.
Actin and desmin are typically negative or weakly positive in sarcomatoid carcinoma.
Sarcomatoid Carcinoma of the Bladder (SCB) which consists of sarcomatous and carcinomatous components simultaneously are very rare variants of Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC).
When it does occur, its clinical features resemble those of sarcomatoid carcinoma, and its biologic behavior is similar to that of malignant mesenchymal neoplasms.
On his 40th birthday, Winter's father, Michael Vinecki was diagnosed with sarcomatoid carcinoma.
Sarcomatoid MM raises the differential diagnosis of sarcomatoid carcinoma, malignant tumors with sarcomatoid features, and a variety of malignant sarcomas, including undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (formerly malignant fibrous histiocytoma), osteosarcoma, and chondrosarcoma.
One case of sarcomatoid carcinoma with biphasic histology exhibiting both carcinomatous and spindle cell components on immunohistochemistry revealed features of sarcoma with vimentin positivity (Fig.
Also leiomyosarcoma, sarcomatoid carcinoma and rhabdomyosarcoma are malignant lesions which can be categorized in the differential diagnosis of IMT.