pertaining to or of the nature of sarcoid.

sarcoidal granulomatous disease
a sterile, sarcoidal granulomatous dermatitis in dogs characterized by multiple cutaneous plaques, nodules or papules, non-pruritic, not painful, mostly on the neck and trunk.

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Q. SARCOIDOSIS is it a lung disease?

A. It's an autoimmune disease that may affect almost every organ in the body, although involvement of the lung is the most common (90%), therefore it may be perceived as a lung disease. It may damage the lungs, nut not only them.

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These are Tuberculous granulomas, Lepromatous granulomas, Foreign Body granulomas, Necrobiotic granulomas, Suppurative granulomas, Sarcoidal granulomas and Xanthgranulomas/ malakoplakia.
A biopsy from the right side of his nose demonstrated sarcoidal granulomas.
4 Rare tattoo following complications include allergic reaction, phototoxicity, pseudolymphomatous reaction, tattoo immunologic rejection, discoid lupus erythematosus, primer inoculation tuberculosis, sarcoidal granulomas, and psoriasis.
El paso inicial en la formacion del granuloma sarcoidal es el reconocimiento y fagocitosis de un antigeno por una celula presentadora de antigenos (CPA).
But there are three histological patterns that may occur: necrobiotic palisading granuloma, an interstitial form, and granuloma of sarcoidal or in tubercular type.
These are necrobiotic palisading granulomas, interstitial form and granuloma of sarcoidal or tuberculoid type.
Cutaneous sarcoidal granulomas and the development of systemic sarcoidosis.
As maiorias das complicacoes relacionadas ao uso do piercing na cavidade oral sao: retracoes gengivais; fraturas dentarias; perda da gustacao; interferencia na fala, mastigacao e degluticao; dano pulpar por trauma cronico; aumento do fluxo salivar; transmissao de infeccao sistemica como a Sindrome da Imunodeficiencia Adquirida (AIDS) e Hepatite B, C, D e G; infeccao lingual localizada; disseminacao de infeccao com edema, podendo levar a angina de Ludwig e obstrucao das vias aereas; hemorragia; aspiracao de parte do piercing; alergia ao metal do piercing; dificuldade de tomadas radiograficas; infec cao pelo sangue; septicemia e sindrome de choque toxico; formacao de queloide, pseudolinfoma, linfadenopatia e reacao tipo sarcoidal (6).
A tuberculoid granulomatous infiltrate is most helpful, but some patients may instead have a lymphohistiocytic infiltrate, palisading or sarcoidal granulomas, a mixed inflammatory infiltrate, or other nonspecific findings.
Less frequent reactions at injection sites include vascular thrombosis, mucinosis, dermal and SC sclerosis, necrosis, ulceration and rarely, lupus erythematosus-like lesions, sarcoidal granulomas, erythema nodosum, an acute septal panniculitis with neutrophils, lobular lymphocytic panniculitis and lipoatrophy.
Sarcoidal involvement of the uterus may include both endometrium and myometrium, in contrast to the relative rarity of myometrial involvement by tuberculosis.
Adverse effects include keloid formation, loss of pigment, sarcoidal reaction, and infection (folliculitis).