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Pertaining to a saprobe.


Pertaining to a saprobe.


(sa'prob) [Gr. sapros, putrid, + bios, life] Saprophyte.saprobic, adjective
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If we didn't have saprobic fungi, Earth would be buried in hundreds of feet of accumulated plants that can only be broken down by these fungi.
Recently, reports have surfaced that saprobic fungi, as well as fungi pathogenic for plants, have evolved as human pathogens; reported cases have involved skin infections, endocarditis, brain abscess, onychomycosis, keratitis, mycetoma, bronchopulmonary disease, and rhinosinusitis.
This fungus is a common, cosmopolitan, saprobic fungus, however, isolated from many types of terrestrial environments, including soils from Alaska to the tropics: It also has been cultured from subtropical marine waters near the Bahamas and the Straits of Florida, and has been found in eulittoral zones and oceanic zones, including isolations from waters collected as deep as 4,450 m (13,350 ft).