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The aglycon of a saponin; one of a family of steroids of the spirostan type (a 16,22:22,26-diepoxycholestane).
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Further study is therefore required in order to elucidate exact mechanisms on how various sapogenin structures influence protozoa cell structure, activity and metabolism.
Data obtained from previous in vivo studies using rats, mice and rabbits showed that saponins are not absorbed in the alimentary channel but hydrolyzed to their corresponding sapogenins (aglycone) and sugar, by enzymatic action in the gastrointestinal tract [5].
Pegasus Pharmaceuticals presently sells two forms of aglycon sapogenin formulas: in softgels and in a liquid oral solution.
Since the 1930s researchers have isolated a variety of medicines from cocolomecca, including sapogenin which led to the discovery of steroids and hormones, and ultimately to the production of the birth control pill.
Ovalbumin (OVA, grade V), concanavalin A (conA), lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and saponins from quillaja bark (QS, CFAD-S4521-10G) as partially purified extract with 20-35% of sapogenin content were purchased from Sigma Chemical Co.
McAnuff MA, Omoruyi FO, Morrison EY and HN Asemota Plasma and liver lipid distributions in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats fed sapogenin extract of bitter yam (Dioscorea polygonoides).
Diosgenin is a sapogenin compound, useful in pharmaceutical industries as a natural source of steroidal hormone.
2000) reported that saponins tended to have a more dramatic effect on the activity of rumen protozoa than its degraded saponin product, sapogenin, confirming the importance of the glycoside in the activity of saponins in the rumen.
Ginseng radix et rhizoma (ren shen) contains ginsenoside and hydrolase that can be hydrolyzed into sapogenin, and sulfur can damage the hydrolase, thereby preventing the hydrolysis of ginsenoside.
Changes in some liver enzymes in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats fed sapogenin extract from bitter yam (Dioscorea polygonoides) or commercial Diosgenin.