saphenous veins

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ac·ces·so·ry sa·phe·nous vein

an occasional vein running in the thigh parallel to the great saphenous vein which it joins just before the latter empties into the femoral vein.
Synonym(s): vena saphena accessoria [TA]

saphenous veins

; SV main superficial veins draining the leg and foot
  • great SV; long SV largest of the two main superficial veins in lower leg; extends from medial dorsal foot to the proximal thigh; drains medial aspect of foot, lower limb and thigh; formed by union of the medial end of dorsal venous arch and medial dorsal digital vein; courses proximally via anterior aspect of medial malleolus into the lower limb at anteromedial aspect of lower one-third of tibia; passes to posteromedial aspect of knee and via saphenous opening to anteromedial thigh, becoming continuous with (deep) femoral vein; it is compartmented along its entire length by a system of valves; gives rise to several communicating veins linking with deep-vein system, e.g. medial plantar veins, anterior tibial vein anterior to ankle and tributaries of posterior tibial vein

  • small SV; short SV shorter of the two main superficial veins in lower leg; extends from lateral dorsal foot to knee; formed by union of the lateral end of dorsal venous arch and lateral dorsal digital vein; courses proximally via inferior/posterior aspect of lateral malleolus; ascends along midline of lower leg; pierces deep fascia at lower border of popliteal fossa to enter popliteal vein of deep-vein system; drains lateral side of foot and ankle and posterior area of lower leg; anastomoses with tributaries of great SV

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Although the surgical treatment of ligation and stripping of the greater saphenous veins has been fairly standard for almost the past 100 years,9 more recent studies have questioned this approach.
11) Ligation with stripping of the great saphenous vein results in significant improvement in venous hemodynamics, may eliminate concomitant deep venous reflux, provides symptomatic relief, and assists in ulcer healing.
The catheter is then slowly withdrawn, and ethanol (1-6 mL) is infused throughout the length of the saphenous vein.
After skeletonization if there is still insufficient length or flow in the ITA graft than, saphenous vein interposition can be used to overcome such a difficult problem for the no-touch aorta technique.
However, when the spider veins are found in the distribution of a large troncal vein, such as the great saphenous vein (GSV), it is recommended that DUS be performed.
The ideal candidate is one who has varicosities clearly associated with incompetence of the large saphenous veins and relatively straight veins.
Sapheon reports that complete closure of the great saphenous vein was accomplished with no adverse events in all patients.
The results showed great saphenous vein atresia without blood flow signals, thrombosis, and enhanced echogenic dots and bands in the lumen of the blood vessel, as well as a noticeably thickened, coarse blood vessel wall with damaged integrity.
TRIBUTARIES: Just below the knee the great saphenous vein receives major tributaries, the posterior arch vein the anterior veins of the leg ascend diagonally across the skin and join either the great saphenous vein or posterior arch vein.
A molecule that blocks a key transcription factor in smooth muscle cells can greatly reduce neointimal hyperplasia, thus averting vessel narrowing and atheroma formation in saphenous vein grafts.
Two-hundred sixty-seven greater saphenous veins were evaluated at the follow-up and demonstrated a 93% occlusion rate using Kaplan-Meier analysis.