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Any of the various dog and cat hookworms with larvae that cause cutaneous larva migrans.
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ransomware campaign and Sandworm Team, FireEye said in a statement.
BlackEnergy, a known form of malware that's a Sandworm favorite, was found on the infected systems.
We believe that Sandworm was responsible," John Hultquist, iSight's director of espionage analysis, said late Thursday in an interview with Reuters.
They would also help their husbands by searching for bait such as mussels, limpets and dog-crabs among the rocks, digging up sandworms and then baiting hooks ready for fishing.
Saltwater captains who know their marine biology are well aware there are worms in these waters - most importantly sandworms, mudworms, and the now-emerging clam or cinder worms.
Like the deadly sandworms in the Dune science fiction series, a host of animals from scorpions to snakes burrow in desert sands across the planet.
Gun-toting adventurer Burt Gummer returns to his home town of Perfection, where he battles the newest flying mutation of giant killer sandworms with the help of a lowly tour guide.
Infection caused by Ancylostoma duodenale, the nonzoonotic hookworm that causes diseases known as ground itch worldwide and sandworms in the southern United States, was described as early as the 1840s during the building of the St.
Engage in combat, alone or in a party, with powerful new monsters and foes -- claim the spoils and rewards that come from defeating ferocious enemies such as gnats, gnoles, ladybugs, pixies, sandworms and more
Extraterrestrial flora and fauna are sometimes called aliens--Dune's sandworms, for example--but this is loose usage.
Migratory shorebirds must refuel by feeding on the small fish, sandworms, crustaceans, snails, and other marine life that abounds within and upon the soil of these far-from-barren wetlands.
Tremors (1990): Entertaining sci-fi spoof starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as two handymen stranded in the desert who become targets for a family of giant sandworms.