Sand Painting

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A component of Navajo medicine which is meant to address the spiritual cause of illness
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From Neff's perspective, contrasting a video of Pollock at work on a canvas with that of a Navajo Indian crafting a sand painting makes absolute artistic sense.
the Navajo also make sand paintings to sell to tourists
Many of the patterns in Sand Painting are whimsical, featuring such design elements as cacti and chili peppers.
After analyzing Navajo star patterns on gourd rattles and in sand paintings, Chamberlain deduced that Rabbit Tracks must be the Scorpion's tail.
The mandala sand painting begins with an opening ceremony, during which the Lamas consecrate the site and call forth the forces of goodness.
Some of the students even got to practice the painstaking art of sand painting on a mini mandala they designed around the school's insignia.
With them she studied landscape, sand painting of pictographs and petroglyphs as well as portraiture.
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Sand painting was also a major draw, with many of the visitors relishing the chance to interact with the artist who drew portraits of their children.
And one lady came in with a sand painting, hoping that writing `This Side Up' on the box would ensure that it wouldn't be shifted around.
There will be something for everyone during the DESTINATION LEAN CUISINE(R) weekend at Miraval, including power walks, morning yoga and meditation sessions, story telling, sacred sand painting, photography, mindful stress reduction techniques, and the Miraval equine experience.
Tenders are invited for Sh Complete Maintenance Of Already Developed Park For 12 Months S/S Good Earth Cdm J Sand Painting S/O Plants Insectice Pesticide Barbed Wire Neem Oil Cake Urea Etc At Site