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Managed care Any penalty, punitive or disciplinary action imposed on an institution by a regulatory or governmental agency, 3rd-party payer, or other Medtalk Any penalty, punitive or disciplinary action against a physician imposed by an institution's medical staff

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Q. How long will our leaders continue sanction this clearly immoral lifestyle? I did research on hetro-sexual lifestyle and found many interesting facts. I do not approve that and we all know the HERETO-sexual lifestyle leads to alcoholism, drug addiction, STDs including AIDS, fatherless children, poverty and spousal abuse. How long will our leaders continue to sanction this clearly immoral lifestyle? I am getting sick on this and I think our future generations would suffer a lot. I have been doing this for quite a while but I think it is time for me to garner some feedback on the issue. Well if you people in this forum have some social responsibilities please share your views.

A. wow-wow-i did not no people like this existed,this is deep?...there has to be a problem here with the way you were brought up,as a child....i would really suggest that you get some help...bad things and good things happen to all of us....hetero-people...what happens if you take away the heterosexuals?.....human beings are not perfect,we all make in the united state-we have problems,but if we work together(help each other)things will start to change---a hand full of bad people,can make us all look bad.the news companys make it seem worst than it really one time in our history(usa)one set of people kept another set of people in slavery(the southern state)for 300yrs....when the northern states got rid of people were pushed a side,we were hanged on trees...we were shot...our churches were burned down...our woman were raped...we couldnt vote...and we couldnt get jobs...and also our leaders were killed..for wanting to change things----people who look d

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As I have said before, the IACD is ever willing to resolve amicably allegations of sanctionable practices with companies that show a sincere commitment to integrity, who collaborate in the resolution of allegations and who elect to enhance their compliance policies and procedures.
There are good reasons why companies that defraud the government so seriously as to be criminally sanctionable are debarred and delicensed: the public has an interest in foreclosing further fraud until the companies prove that they can work honestly in the public interest.
Death can not be caused to someone intentionally, only in the execution of death sentences handed down by a court if the crime is sanctionable with this punishment by law.
agreement, the laws "are enforceable or sanctionable at various
IR would be sanctionable if she made the statement above with 'you' substituted for 'we', and yet, logically, that is exactly what the statement means.
It's in their best interests to avoid any sanctionable activity, and we think that we provide and are providing .
But if the aim is only to identify the sense in which the offender's conduct was wrongful--to, again by way of example, distinguish dishonest acts from violent ones--the fact that the offence label fails to distinguish sanctionable from sanctionless wrongs is of no moment.
Not only professional ethicists but the public itself is likely to disapprove of obsessive focus on sanctionable rules as the benchmark of professionalism in education (Rich, 1984).
Willfully failing to sign a tax return prepared by the practitioner when the practitioner's signature is required by the Federal tax laws" is sanctionable under Circular 230, unless failure is excused due to reasonable cause.
resulting from sanctionable conduct from plaintiffs to the tortfeasor that caused the injury.
The notion that a foreign subsidiary of a US company can conduct business that would be sanctionable in the US undermines our efforts to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear-weapons capability," he said.
financial institutions and requiring federal contractors to certify that they are not involved in sanctionable activity.