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samhita (säm·hēˑ·t),

n in Sanskrit, the elemental unity from which rishi, devata, and chhandas originate and among which a constant interaction forms the basis of diversity in creation. See also rishi, devata, and chhandas.
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Siddhanta nama sa yah parikshakairbahuvidham parikshya hetubhishcha sadhayitwa sthapaye nirnayah (Charaka Samhita, Vimanasthana--8.
In fact, a comparative analysis of the Siddhanta (along with its typology) as described in Charaka Samhita and numerous definitions of "theory" according to the Western discursive paradigm shows correspondence between these two (Adhikary, 2012c, pp.
An accomplished surgeon, philosopher and above all a great teacher, his compilation of the Susruta samhita, a monumental treatise of seminal value, established him as arguably the brightest jewel in the history of surgery in the ancient and medieval period.
17) The Caraka samhita emphasises the values central to the nobility of the profession, thus: 'Those who trade their medical skills for personal livelihood can be considered as collecting a pile of dust, leaving aside the heap of real gold'.
Boswellia gum has been mentioned in ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts--the Sushrita Samhita and the Charak Samhita (Alt.
With the publication of the critical edition of the Paippalada Samhita of the Atharvaveda by Dipak Bhattacharya, (2) kanda 1-15 are finally available to the scholarly public in printed form.
If you would like more information contact: Samhita Mukhopadhyay (202) 615 -- 6570 Samhita.
The oldest detailed lists are probably those found in the brahmana sections of the samhitas of the Black Yajurveda: Taittiriya-samhita V.
Chatterji (1914), under the collective name of Kashmir Shivaism - found the manuscript copy of the Matsyendranatha Samhita (MSam) in the course of his search for unpublished Saiva and Sakta Tantric manuscripts in several British libraries.
The latter will, for example, transform a word like asman in Taittiriya Samhita into assppman.
is a text that is not only foundational to the history of Indian medicine, but also that of Indian philosophy, containing as it does an early exposition of the principles of Samkhya (Caraka Samhita 4.
The Maitrayani Samhita (MS) and the Kathaka Samhita (KS) are the most unjustly ignored texts of the Vedic corpus.