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The dried flowers of Sambucus canadensis or S. nigra (family Caprifoliaceae), the common elder or black elder; weak laxative.
Synonym(s): elder, elder flowers
[L. an elder-tree]


coarse bushes, members of the family Sambucaceae; contains toxic oil which causes diarrhea; sometimes also causes cyanide poisoning. Includes S. canadensis, S. ebulus (danewort, dwarf elder), S. nigra (common elder), S. pubens.
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Sambucus nigra, Euphrasia officinalis, Inula helenium, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Oleo europa)
The latter is particularly interesting, for what Visser aims to highlight is the image of Sambucus which Sambucus himself--together with friends, correspondents, publishers and close collaborators--consciously constructed for the public.
Thundercloud whips up drama in garden hotbed COMING home I was greeted by the first flower heads of my Sambucus 'Thundercloud'.
An extract of Sambucus nigra L (black elderberry) was found to have antimicrobial activity in vitro against the gram-positive bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes and group C and G Streptococci, against the grarn-negative bacterium Branhamella catarrhalis, and against human influenza viruses.
Included in the garden were low maintenance plants including Diervilla Cool Splash, Prunus 'Kojo-no-mai', Geranium 'Johnson's Blue', Sambucus 'Black Beauty' and Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'.
Hugues Beaulieu of Unipex Innovations, explained how Sambucus nigra flower extract boosted skin moisturization levels by boosting hyaluronic acid secreted by fibroblasts and reducing the level of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and TNF-alpha production.
Species of plant Common name Pteridium aquilinum Western bracken fern Picea engelmannii Blue spruce Toxicodendron diversilobum Poison oak Artemisia californica Coastal sagebrush Artemisia douglasiana Mugwort Baccharis pilularis Coyote brush Lonicera interrupts Chaparral honeysuckle Non-local Lonicera Honeysuckle Sambucus mexicana Blue elderberry Arctostaphylos Manzanita Quercus agrifolia Coast live oak Quercus douglasii Blue oak Ribes californicum Hillside gooseberry Salvia mellifera Black sage Ceanothus cuneatus Buckbrush Cercocarpus betuloides California mountain-mahogany Rosa californica California wild rose Rubus ursinus Pacific blackberry Galium porrigens Bedstraw
It was used in America for a strain of flu called break-bone fever, hence the name Boneset; Elderberry - sambucus nigra The elderberry is an antiinflammatory antioxidant, with diaphoretic properties and was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995.
Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of Sambucus ebulus rhizome extract in rats.
Shrubs include Cornus drummondii, Ribes missouriense, Sambucus canadensis (elderberry), and Symphoricarpos orbiculatus.
The American Elder, Sambucus canadensis, has been grown for years in the gardens of bird lovers and wine makers.