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Incubation of plasma formed elements in mediums that contained foreign objects, as well as incubation of elements which differed from physiological salt solution, leads to increasing intensiveness of hemocytes' fluorescence, which is evidence of increase of their energetic metabolism's level.
However, the lack of numerical differences between gap widths using the salt solution suggests that higher degrees of shredding caused by the 2-mm gap are not needed to liberate more larvae.
Compressive strength in specimens with NST additive changes insignificantly after 56 freeze-thaw cycles irrespective of the type of de-icing salt solution used as freezing medium.
As the magnetic flux linkage of the imaginary contour in the salt solution is very difficult to measure, some simplifications have to be made.
For each salt solution combination, the equilibrium hydraulic conductivity value was taken as the hydraulic conductivity measured towards the end of each leaching cycle when the flow rate had reached approximately steady-state.
Another 50 men who sniffed women's tears displayed physiological signs of reduced sexual arousal, such as a slow breathing rate and low salivary levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, relative to levels after sniffing a salt solution.
Salt solution is used in the RAMEE system as the coupling medium to transfer heat and moisture between the supply and exhaust air streams.
50 g) of semi-IPN hydrogel with average particle sizes between 40-60 mesh (250-350 [micro]m) were immersed in distillated water (100 mL) and in salt solution (50 mL) in a weighed teabag and allowed to soak for 2 h at room temperature.
Testing has demonstrated resistance to thermal cycling, salt solution, acid, brake fluid and UV environments.
People can also mix their own salt solution for use with a bulb syringe.
Now pour the salt solution into the tall glass to a depth of about 1/4 in.