(sal'men) (-min) [L. salmo, salmon]
C30H57N14O6; a toxic protamine obtained from the spermatozoa of salmon.
See: protamine; protein
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He added that the sorties ended up with destroying fortified dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun and Ariha in Idleb countryside and depots in Tal Ayoub in Aleppo countryside in addition to destroying the gatherings of terrorists in Salmin, Zamrin in Daraa countryside and Hweikah in Deir Ezzor and al-Sikhnah in Homs countryside.
However, the goal was due to a mistake from Salmin Khamis, and his removal caused an emotional impact before the technical impact on the team and prevented making more courageous and offensive alternations.
With striker Rodrigo Lima failing to convert the best chances for Al Ahli, who had defender Salmin Khamis sent off with 23 minutes remaining, 2013 winners Guangzhou held on to deny the UAE a first AFC Champions League title since Al Ain won the inaugural final in 2003.
Wa'el Salmin, then deputy managing director at Kuwait Petroleum Europoort (KPE) on Jan.
The troops killed and injured scores of terrorists in Salmin, Zamrin, Western al-Ghariyia, and Tal al- Harra in the countryside of the Southern province of Daraa, a military source said.
In March, one of the GB team's brightest young players, 16 year old Billy Shilton, will travel to Piracicaba in Brazil to take on fellow class 7 player Paulo Salmin in a match that will be shown live on national Brazilan television.
Vladimir Salmin, currently Chairman of Sberbank s Baikalsky Bank, will become the new Chairman of the Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank.
Fahad Salmin came in second in the Super Sport category, and Dhari Al-Ajmi got the second place in the Gold Wing category.
The average of discretionary accruals equals to -47449 and its standard deviation equals to 976526, its maximum, amount is 8381952 for Salmin company and its minimum is -1999845 for Iran Khodro company.
Summary: Colonel Salmin al-Obtani is latest in string of army and intelligence officers to be killed in hit-and-run attacks in Hadramawt.
Salmin Alaubthani, the former security director of Mukalla District, and his son, which led to their death.
Muna Salmin, Acting Director of Consumer Safety Services, highlighted the importance of the scheme, saying, "Ensuring that children toys meet the safety requirements is one of the main goals of QCC.