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Sallows and Graupner (2005) studied 24 children with a diagnosis of autism.
Sallows and Graupner's study is a product of the Wisconsin Young Autism Project.
2002; Lovaas, 1987), Sallows and Graupner (2005) identified IQ as one of the "most commonly noted predictors" (p.
Explaining the use of these other instruments, Sallows and Graupner reported that "as children grew older or became too advanced for the norms of pretreatment tests, we used other age-appropriate tests" (p.
During the hearing, Mrs Sallows told of shop customers urinating outside, loud noise of pizza delivery drivers and the shop opening illegally until 3am.
A council spokesman said: ``We sent a letter telling Mrs Sallows that she must stop feeding the birds because walls, windows and washing were being soiled by bird droppings.
CMC started the semi-final brightly and put Cardiff Northern under early pressure before taking the lead on 25 minutes when Andrew Sallows set up Scott Milford who scored thanks to a goalkeeping mistake.
Undeterred, CMC continued to press forward and they were rewarded just before the interval when Sallows was again the provider, this time allowing Matthew Franks to slot home.
After the restart, CMC increased their lead with Sallows setting up Franks again for him to score from close range.