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1. shaped like an arrow.
2. situated in the direction of the sagittal suture; said of an anteroposterior plane or section parallel to the median plane of the body.


(saj'i-tăl), [TA] Avoid the misspellings sagital and saggital. Although the classically correct pronunciation is să-jĭt'al, the more usual pronunciation in the U.S. is saj'ĭ-tal.
Resembling an arrow; in the line of an arrow shot from a bow, that is, in an anteroposterior direction; referring to a sagittal plane or direction.
Synonym(s): sagittalis [TA]
[L. sagitta, an arrow]


/sag·it·ta·lis/ (saj″ĭ-ta´lis) [L.] sagittal.
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sagittalis showed dose-dependent inhibitory activity against ROS and RNS (Table 4) production in stimulated neutrophils.
sagittalis dichloromethane extract showed anti-inflammatory activity in rat hind paw-edema, as well as in subchronic and topical models.
Caffeoylquinic acids from Pterocaulum virginatum and Pluchea sagittalis.