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The patent pending No Backer Bar design incorporates years of research and testing to completely eliminate the backer bar used to compress the Safing insulation at the slab edge in a curtain wall fire containment assembly.
TM #1 (supervisor), as part of his safety brief, conveyed to TM #2 and #3 the importance of maintaining support of the bomb at all times until the bomb is locked in and the mechanical safing pin is installed.
Safing state machine with programmable sensing thresholds
The orbiter was greeted on the runway by a team of United Space Alliance (USA) employees who immediately set about safing the vehicle and preparing it for its trip back to the orbiter processing facility.
As I began briefing the inspector, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and quickly glanced over in time to see the young Airman with a safing pin in his left hand, while turning the arming vane with his right pointer finger.
Main ECU powered by 16-bit S12 MCU, medium-g safing sensor and distributed systems interface (DSI) bus master