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The dried stigmas of Crocus sativus (C. officinalis) (family Iridaceae), formerly used occasionally in flatulent dyspepsia; also formerly used as an antispasmodic in asthma and dysmenorrhea and as a coloring and flavoring agent.
Synonym(s): saffron
[L. fr. G. krokos, the crocus, saffron (made from its stigmas)]


Chinese medicine
A herb, the flower of which contains crocetin; it is used as an antispasmodic, alterative and cardiotonic, and is believed be an aphrodisiac. Saffron has been used to treat anaemia, cardiovascular disease (hypertension, palpitations and tachycardia), delayed menses, obstetrical problems and muscle spasms. 

Herbal medicine
Saffron is used in Western herbal medicine much in the same way as Chinese medicine.
In extreme excess, saffron has caused death in women who have used it as an abortifacient.

saffron (saˑ·frän),

n Latin name:
Crocus sativus; parts used: flowers, stigmas; uses: pain, cramps or spasms, sexual desire, flatulence, induction perspiration, promotion of menstrual flow, expectorant, relaxant, sleep induction, digestive disorders; precautions: may induce premature expulsion of a fetus. Also called
asian saffron, azafran, bulgarian saffron, crocus, fan hung hua, greek saffron, italian saffron, koema-koema, kum-kum, persian saffron, po fu lan, sa fa ang, sa'faran, saffron crocus, safran, sahuran, and


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The Akal Takht had asked Sikh men to wear saffron-coloured turbans and women to wear same coloured shawls across the country as a mark of protest.
This saffron-coloured turban is worn as the supreme Sikh body Akal Takht had called for a protest saying all those who sympathise with Balwant Singh Rajoana (assassin of former state chief, Beant Singh) should wear this turban and women should wear saffron-coloured shawls," said Jasbir Singh, a devotee.
Underneath the saffron-coloured robe of your average Thai Buddhist monk beats the heart of a Brazilian supporter.
Sonia Gandhi dislikes him because he wears saffron-coloured clothes.
His body has been wrapped in a saffron-coloured cloth and kept in a glass casket in the ashram's Sai Kulwant Hall.
The limited-edition pen, priced at 14,400 pounds, has an 18-carat solid gold, rhodium-plated nib, and "a saffron-coloured mandarin garnet" on the clip.
Instead of kilts, they wore saffron-coloured tunics called "leine croich" and used a range of ingredients to get the boldest possible colours," said Cannan.