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steadily have increased mandatory safety seat restraint ages.
Engineer Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of RTAs Traffic and Roads Agency, highlighted the importance of these amendments, especially as regards obliging motorists to have children under 4 restrained in a safety seat when riding a motor vehicle.
A key part of the updated Federal Traffic Law that came into effect on July 1, the seat belt rule obliges motorists to have children under the age of four restrained in a safety seat, while the children aged less than 10 years or measuring less than 145cm are prohibited from sitting in the front passenger seat.
Child safety seat laws also must be followed to be in compliance.
They designated someone (themselves or others) to position their newborn in the car safety seat and to install the car safety seat into the car.
com)-- An innovative and useful new product intended to serve as a potential life-saving device, the Save-A-Child Safety Seat Alarm, has been developed by James Westerhoff, II, originally of Wichita Falls, Texas and a 1978 H.
Overall, one in three children who died in 2011 crashes were not properly restrained in a child safety seat or seat belt.
The annual conference is a leading global forum for auto engineers, accident researchers, paediatricians, experts in biomechanics, and safety campaigners to share the latest advances in injury research, child safety seat development, testing and standards, and legislation.
By Noimot Olayiwola/Staff Reporter Newborn babies being delivered at the Women's Hospital continue to be gifted a child safety seat each as part of the new National Road Safety (One Second) initiative launched in July to promote child safety in vehicles.
DUDLEY -- Three Dudley Police Oficers have been certified as Child Safety Seat Inspectors.
For the past decade, child safety seat requirements have been divided into three stages: infants using rear-facing seats, toddlers using forward-facing seats, and children using booster seats.