safety pacing-ventricular

safety pacing–ventricular

Cardiac pacing In some A-V sequential–DVI and A-V universal–DDD pacemakers, following atrial pacing, the pacemaker is designed to trigger a ventricular pacing output if ventricular sensing occurs during the first portion–e.g., 110 ms of the programmed A-V interval. See Pacemaker.
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During the second month after she came to the house, Louise gave up all hope of getting on a friendly footing with the Hardy girls and went to her own room as soon as the evening meal was at an end.
I am thinking about it all the time, so if you are to come at all you must come soon.
At the table next day while Albert Hardy talked and the two girls whis- pered and laughed, she did not look at John but at the table and as soon as possible escaped.