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A darkroom device that emits a light of a specified wavelength that causes less fogging of undeveloped film than white light does.


Illumination permitted in a darkroom during processing.


n a source of light in a darkroom of a color and intensity that does not fog radiographic film.
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For each of their chips that is returned to the Safelight booth, they receive an additional chance to win one of the prizes.
There's a lot of C and C++ code out there in legacy systems and embedded applications and many C and C++ developers may not be trained in today's secure coding practices because they learned to code at a time when application security wasn't a focus and systems weren't connected via the Internet," said Safelight Chief Executive Officer Rob Cheyne.
Most organizations look solely to technology to address information risk, but technology only solves one part of the problem," said Safelight CEO Rob Cheyne.
Companies have made huge investments in technology to reduce their security risk, but have underestimated the importance of educating their employees -- people who are in a position to protect or expose sensitive information every day," said Safelight Chief Executive Officer Rob Cheyne.