safe blood

Packed red cells and blood products from persons with no known risks for exposure to transfusion-transmissible microorganisms (TTM; e.g., malaria, HIV), which have been fully tested and are negative for TTM by a direct assay of viral products (e.g., HBV surface antigen), by an indirect assay of exposure to viruses (e.g., antibodies to HCV and HIV-1) and by ‘surrogate’ assays (e.g., measurement of transaminases, which are nonspecific indicators of hepatic inflammation)

'safe' blood

Transfusion medicine Packed RBCs and blood products from persons with no known risks for exposure to transfusion-transmissible microorganisms–TTM. See Blood shield laws, Euroblood, Surrogate marker.
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Pakistan, like many countries, has a shortage of safe blood.
We are confident that now this gap will soon become history,' according to Prof Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Coordinator, Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Ministry of National Health Services, Government of Pakistan as he talked about working closely with Facebook.
It links the records of the Ministry of Health's blood banks to form a central record of donor data," "This record will contribute to ensuring safe blood donation practices through data integration and interconnectivity among blood banks in the Sultanate," the department said.
About various aspects of the inspections, he said the PHC teams primarily inspected those areas, which largely affect the masses and patients directly, and these included hospital infection control, operation theatre surveillance, hospital waste management arrangements, emergency services, fire and non-fire emergencies, safe blood transfusion and complaint management system.
SUKKUR -- The first Regional Blood Center (RBC) for safe blood transfusion was inaugurated at the Mahar Medical College Hospital here on Wednesday.
To achieve the quality standard and ensure supply safe blood, he said the management of the Sukkur RBC is out-sourced to Sukkur Blood and Drug Donating Society and Jamshoro to the Indus Hospital under the private-public partnership.
Ansari got the 31-years experience in the field of medical science and known for his efforts against illegal blood banks in the Sindh province and transfusion of safe blood to the patients.
KARACHI -- Mohammadi Haematology Oncology Services and Welfare Foundation (MHOSWF) has completed 15 years to its establishment during which its six blood banks in Karachi and other parts of the country provided more than 300,000 units of safe blood and its components.
Tenders are invited for systems for safe blood sampling for all types of laboratory studies
ISLAMABAD:The review meeting of the Public Sector Development Projects (PSDP) 2017-18 has maintained the financial budget of Safe Blood Transfusion Project (SBTP) without any cuts.
Quizzed on the annual demand from the blood transfusion centre which is mandated with providing safe blood to the nation for the treatment of various conditions, Ms Ramalebang said the international prerequisite of two per cent donation from the national population as espoused by the World Health Organisation (WHO) was the target, which translates to 40 000 units annually.
This was stated by National Coordinator Safe Blood Transfusing Programme Professor Hasan Abbas Zaheer while speaking to participants of a seminar titled 'Transfusion issues in Thalassemia Management in Pakistan' at a local hotel on Thursday.