safe blood

Packed red cells and blood products from persons with no known risks for exposure to transfusion-transmissible microorganisms (TTM; e.g., malaria, HIV), which have been fully tested and are negative for TTM by a direct assay of viral products (e.g., HBV surface antigen), by an indirect assay of exposure to viruses (e.g., antibodies to HCV and HIV-1) and by ‘surrogate’ assays (e.g., measurement of transaminases, which are nonspecific indicators of hepatic inflammation)

'safe' blood

Transfusion medicine Packed RBCs and blood products from persons with no known risks for exposure to transfusion-transmissible microorganisms–TTM. See Blood shield laws, Euroblood, Surrogate marker.
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As part of the wider NHS, NHSBT aims to save and improve lives by meeting patients~ needs for safe blood and related services.
Karachi -- Project Director, Safe Blood Transfusion Programme (SBTP), Professor Hassan Abbas Zaheer, said on Monday that construction work of 10 new regional blood banks in collaboration with German government was in final phase and it would be completed next year.
The safe blood transfusion project will be launched in Kyrgyzstan as part of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program II, acting General Director of National Blood Center Bakyt Karabaev told a press conference in AKIpress today.
Busch, a former investment banker who is the Founder and Chairman of Safe Blood International Foundation:
Taking a major step forward in the fight against HIV/AIDS in China, Vice Minister Huang Jiefu opened today the country's first joint venture blood safety training center in Henan Province funded and operated by the Washington DC-based Safe Blood International Foundation.
15 thousand under safe blood ordinance 1999, Parliamentary Secretary Health Punjab Khawaja Imran Nazir said.
LAHORE -- The Punjab government, with the assistance of German government, will establish Regional Safe Blood Transfusion Centres in the province.
Shehbaz Sharif said that blood screening had been made compulsory in the province for safe blood transfusion, adding that free of cost medicines and testing facility was being provided under Punjab AIDS Control Programme.
Shehbaz Sharif said that blood screening has been compulsory in the province for safe blood transfusion.
The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has identified two major initiatives towards better utilisation of blood and blood components, as part of its commitment to ensure safe blood and enhanced access to blood products, on the recommendation of the National Blood Transfusion Council.
The whole idea of the project is to supply safe blood to those who are in need of it through hygienic means," Al-Omar said, adding that the Ministry of Health has streamlined procedures to give donors the best services.
He said that safe blood transfusion is the basic right of the patients.